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"Do you really remember me after so many years? How thoughtful."
Gerard bit back his screams and tried to calmly speak with clenched teeth: "I thought... I heard that you were killed. Why didn't you come look for me?"
Frances sighed, but it was only out of pity.
"You really don't understand anything, do you? You didn't pick up what my intentions were?" he snickered, "I was correct in picking you to be an idiotic drone to latch on to. You even let me! You're just a fool who was too hopeful and naive to keep waiting for me. You really believe that I loved you? Possibly when you were mortal. But you became a monster. You almost killed me, Gerard."
Gerard's face lost any color it may have had, revealing thin skin with fragile bones underneath. His bottom lip started to tremble, his eyes stinging and his hands finding it difficult to clench into fists. He had nothing to say. For the first time since he was able to speak, Gerard's mind was blank except for the gradually rising pain in the back of his head. He was confused.
"What... What's happening?"
"Your heart is breaking."
Frances took slow steps toward the frozen man, and Gerard noticed that they were hesitant. He was afraid. They were both afraid. They stood staring at each other, their faces void of any emotion. Gerard allowed his face to crunch into a twisted mess of features. His body bent forward, his arms reaching out to balance himself. He couldn't breathe. He didn't need to breathe. A gasp crept through his lips, and a quiet scream resulted from it. He was meaning to keep looking in Frances' eyes, but everything had become blurry. He clamped his eyelids shut, squeezing small droplets out and rolling down his delicate features.
Gerard screamed like he was releasing a demon from his lungs and quickly gripped his midsection, fearful that he would explode. His knees buckled under his weight and he fell to the cold floor, almost without a sound. His breathing became erratic, and when he tried to regulate it, it only became worse. He attempted to open his eyes, to look at the man in front of him whom he had loved so dearly throughout his long life, but the only things he could see were blurry figures standing around him. The only sounds were muffled voices and a high pitched ringing. His head oscillated, looking for something, anything, that may aid him to be rid of these sensory ailments. He could feel hands of his shoulders, tenderly, but he could not make out what the person was saying. He could only hear loud sobbing. He realized, then, that it was his own sobbing.
"Get away from me!" he screamed, his voice trembling without control. He pushed the person away from him. The person was taken aback, but still pursued to speak with him.
"No, go away, Frances! I don't want you here now!"
He covered his head with his large overcoat and waited until his senses were regulated. He sat up and looked around the damaged store, at the small amount of people who were surrounding him looking concerned. On his right side stood Frank, crouched down on his toes so that he was eye level with Gerard. The puffy-eyed man stared at Frank soundlessly, searching his eyes for recognition. He found none.
"I had this feeling I needed to come down here. I found the place trashed and you were curled up crying. Are you okay? Did you get hurt? I'm sorry about all the people around. There was a lot of noise, everyone came to check it out."
Gerard squeaked out an "I'm fine" before returning his gaze to the dirty, cracked floor. Frank sighed in a "I know you're not fine" way and started to shoo the civilians away from the man. He gently rested his hand on Gerard's back, to which Gerard flinched a tiny amount. By the time he looked up again, all the people had left and it was only he and Frank in the desecrated convenience store.
"You were in my hospital room, right? When I was in a car accident?"
"Yes," Gerard hesitated.
"So you know Jamia, right? I'm not trying to bum you out even more, but I just can't help but think something bad is happening. Just everywhere."
Gerard rubbed his eyes a little and sat up, signifying for Frank to go on with his story.
"So, she's been really sick lately. I don't know what it is, and the doctors can't even describe it. Nothing helps, either. She has migraines all day and her normal medication doesn't do anything. We even tried upping the dosage and it still did nothing. She can barely keep food down; she's losing a lot of weight. I'm afraid that... that she won't be around much longer."
Gerard thought of Frank's petite wife, caring for Gerard even when she knew he had other intentions for Frank than being a friend. She was a kind, pure soul that Gerard had to admit he was quite jealous and fond of. She did not deserve to suffer. Then he thought of Frances and his brother, Michael. He couldn't stand to think of either of them in a positive light. His own brother was treacherous and could not have compassion even if there was an injection that gave him this feeling. Frances. Oh, Frances. He was a fiend, an evil force that he regret ever having in his life. From the dim lit alleys in New Orleans to the glamour of early Hollywood, Frances was there. And it was disgusting. He looked to Frank.
"Do the doctors have an estimate?"
"Maybe a month or two."
"That's not enough time."
"Believe me, I know."
Gerard's eyes had dried up by now, the sorrow lingering, but not stinging any longer. He considered that maybe the pain of his eyes stabbed out would work in his favor. Damn that Oedipus.
"Would you like to see her?" Frank inquired.
Gerard merely nodded while already standing up.
"Oh, it's so nice to see you Gerard."
"I apologize that this is happening. I do wish that I could be of any help."
"No, no, this is something that can't be controlled. If it has to happen, it has to happen. That's life."
"C'est la vie."
"Exactly. I'm happy that you were able to see me though. I really appreciate that."
Frank had started to tear up and left the room, leaving Gerard and Jamia to chatter quietly.
"I think his amnesia is going to wear off soon. He's starting to have dreams about being inside your mansion. I told him he should stop eating sugar before he goes to bed," she chuckled a bit.
"I'm sure it will. I'll take care of him when you're gone. That, I can promise you, Jamia," he smiled softly, then added, "Who did this to you? Did you see what he looked like."
"I remember a rose. I'm sure you know what that means."
Gerard nodded solemnly, firmly grasping her frail fingers. He touched his forehead to her hand and quietly whispered a Latin prayer before slipping a silver ring with a ruby onto her third finger.
"It will keep you safe until your time comes. No more visions, no more pain."
She gazed at him astoundedly, her eyes rimming with fluid. She uttered multiple "thank you"'s under her breath, lightly kissing his hand and raising it to her forehead. Just as Frank had returned, they uttered their farewells, possibly for the last time, and Gerard was gathering his things. Frank had asked if he could drive Gerard home, but Gerard refused.
"I need a good walk right now."
"Could I join you? I'll walk you home."
Gerard shrugged lightly and looked to Jamia. She held up her fingers and danced with them, making the ring reflect small rays of sunlight across the walls.
"I'll be okay," she beamed, almost cackling at this newfound gift of relief that Gerard had given her. Frank kissed his wife and told her that he'd be back soon.
Art Entwined in Blood, Pt. 13
Another! Because I haven't been keeping up with it!

~Lyn-Z :heart:

Frank Iero, an average man living in New Jersey, has stumbled upon an abandoned mansion that just so happens to be owned by a mysterious man- who has a dark secret. The man's pet spider, Esmerelda, has some important things to tell Frank, if only she could speak. Will Frank fall victim to the gravitational pull of this enticing man, or will he stay safe at home with his wife, where he should be?

PART 1, An October Night: Partie Un
PART 2, An Unlikely Stranger: Partie Deux
PART 3, A Light Stroll: Partie Trois
PART 4, See You Later: Partie Quatre
PART 5, Unwanted Memories: Partie Cinq
PART 6, A Little More Than Acquaintances: Partie Six
PART 7, Stay Away: Partie Sept
PART 8, Abide With Me: Partie Huit
PART 9, Secrets: Partie Neuf
PART 10, Forgotten: Partie Dix
PART 11, A Day In The Life: Here.
PART 12, Catching Up: Partie Douze
PART 13, Relief: Here.
Days have passed, and soon enough weeks and months had passed. Frank Iero stayed at home with his wife and his new puppy, occasionally discussing the future. He hadn't gone much of anywhere, not even to work. He hadn't quit and he hadn't been fired, but he had been given a year off due to his medical condition. On another spectrum, Gerard couldn't concentrate on a single thing in his life. He had obtained a new copy of the book he burned; he read it long into every day, only sleeping a few hours before picking up the book and reading it again. He no longer walked around his house. He no longer looked for Esmerelda when she wasn't in the library. He only stood and looked out of his fungus frosted windows to a small house a couple blocks away, and softly sang in his cracked voice, "O del mio dolce ardor, bramato oggetto, bramato oggetto, L'aura che tu respiri, alfin respiro, alfin respiro."

It was more than a year since Gerard had last seen Frank. It was the end of November, the air still filled with the aroma of crunching leaves and every once in a while an old lady's pumpkin pie. It was later in the day, the sun almost at its tipping point, and Gerard went on a stroll through town. He figured everyone would be inside, staying warm in their homes. His cane made small clicks in the silent air with every other step he took. He wore a velvet cloak over his clothing, the fabric only slightly scraping the cement underneath it. The fur lining was sure to keep him warm against the chilly breezes that would rush past his face.

"How are you today, sir?"

"I am just fine, thank you."

Gerard hadn't planned on making any conversation with anyone, but this man seemed promising enough.

"Where ya headed?"

"Just up the road. To the store. I needed to pick something up," Gerard rambled, trying to sound convincing.

"Well a'ight, but be careful. I heard there was some business goin' on up there. Some freaky business. Monster business. A man says he goes to get milk, comes back with torn clothes and a chunk of his arm missin'. That ain't a good place for you, with yer fancy clothes and such. They look expensive, you shouldn't get 'em all dirty. 'Specially since if it's not monsters, there's some messed up people up there, I swear. Just be careful, there. I don't wanna sleep knowin' I could've prevented a tragedy."

Gerard bit down a smile, dually because if they're monsters he most likely knew them, but also that some old man that he passed cared what happened to him. It's been a long time since that feeling had been present.

"Thank you, sir. I'll be careful and stay out of everyone's way.

"Good," the man nodded, then added, "The name is McCracken, by the way. You almost look like a friend of my son's. You friends with a Bert McCracken?"

"No sir, I am not."

"Hmph. Well anyway, I'm sure I'll see ya around some other time. Goodbye, Mister."

Gerard stood there for a moment, then continued on his path. As he got closer to the store, it had gotten much darker, the clouds turning black and forming large circles around where Gerard was headed. A young man came running toward him, a spewing gash on his face leaking red fluid. His eyes were swollen and red, as though he had been crying for Lucifer. The man screamed in Gerard's face, but no words could be made out. It seemed like a whole other language, yet not a language at all. Gerard gripped the boy's shoulders and shook him slightly, just to see his face in the middle of spastic movements. Eventually, he cupped his face and stated into his eyes. They were black, but only in crevices. It looked like the moon, the craters reaching deep down into his mind, each one harboring a darker secret than the last. He released the boy who stumbled on his feet and ran off, babbling nonsense into strangers' faces. Gerard moved on.

A store clerk lay dead on the broken tile flooring, his eyes were wide in fright. Blood trailed from his head to seemingly random points in the building, all formed in footprints. A few others lay dead as well, their cold faces lie flat, squished into the dust and their own puddles of blood on the floor. The smell of it all was slightly unbearable, so Gerard covered his mouth and nose with his scarf before trudging through debris to see what was going on. He heard rustling from near the back, but he didn't try to deal with that yet. He wanted to focus on finding any survivors, if any.

"Is anyone still here? Is anyone still alive?" Gerard whispered through the aisles.

Someone moaned from underneath a rubble pile from a broken display. Gerard quickly removed boards and products off of the man, who sat up and stared at Gerard with a look of confusion, then of fright, then back to confusion.

"Are you... y'know, one of them?"

"Who is 'them'?"

"The guys who were trashing this place. The guys who are killing people just to kill. I've never seen anything like it."

Gerard sighed, helped the man up, then shooed him away to get him home safely.

"That kid looked like he was on one hell of a drug," he mumbled. There was more noise in the back of the store, so he finally ventured to the storage room. There was a large mess, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Gerard bent down to sample the blood that was puddled on the floor, a small taste brought to his lips; a euphoria unlike any enhanced substance. It was glorious.

"Hey, Edward Cullen! Will you dance for us too? How about be our disco ball, huh? Would you like that pretty boy?"

Four people, who Gerard assumed were men, stood before him, their faces hidden with crude Halloween masks. He stood up without a word and looked into the eye holes of the man in the front of the group. He squinted, blinked a few times, and reached his hand out to the man's neck.

"What... what the fuck are you doing? You motherfuck-"

"Be quiet or I will rip out your jugular and make you eat it."

The eyes of the man went wide, and a bead of sweat rolled down his neck, opposite of where Gerard was looking. He pinched a little at a small rose tattoo near the man's clavicle. He flinched, but did not say a word.

"Frances...," Gerard gasped, looking into the man's eyes again, "You're not Frances. Where is Frances? Frances Burks? He's here, isn't he?"

More beads of sweat dripped from the man's face, but he kept his mouth shut. Gerard pinched harder on his vein, making him shout loudly, but still no words.

"Tell me where Frances is, you defiled, pathetic excuse for a vampyr!"

"Oh, give them a chance, Gerard. They've just started on their debt today," a voice rang, then deeply chuckled.

A frail body flew from the rafters and landed gently on the linoleum flooring, his heels making a soft click. A cape hung onto his shoulders and long bandages covered his abdomen. His lower body was hidden in drapery, the flowing fabric making it hard to determine if there was anything under it besides his legs. A soft rose tattoo near his clavicle caused Gerard to clench his jaw, his teeth slightly grinding together. The man laughed again.

"Why hello, Gerard. Long time, no see?"
Art Entwined in Blood, Pt. 12
Gerard runs into someone he once knew.

Hi! I've been gone for some time. My laptop's been broken for about a year now. Still holding on. Ugh. I hope I still have people waiting for this! xo

~Lyn-Z :heart:

Frank Iero, an average man living in New Jersey, has stumbled upon an abandoned mansion that just so happens to be owned by a mysterious man- who has a dark secret. The man's pet spider, Esmerelda, has some important things to tell Frank, if only she could speak. Will Frank fall victim to the gravitational pull of this enticing man, or will he stay safe at home with his wife, where he should be?

PART 1, An October Night: Partie Un
PART 2, An Unlikely Stranger: Partie Deux
PART 3, A Light Stroll: Partie Trois
PART 4, See You Later: Partie Quatre
PART 5, Unwanted Memories: Partie Cinq
PART 6, A Little More Than Acquaintances: Partie Six
PART 7, Stay Away: Partie Sept
PART 8, Abide With Me: Partie Huit
PART 9, Secrets: Partie Neuf
PART 10, Forgotten: Partie Dix
PART 11, A Day In The Life: Partie Onze
PART 12, Catching Up: Here.
PART 13, Relief: Partie Trieze


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I haven't written anything for a while! Hey, how are ya?! I've been obsessed with fucking Disney lately. And Steam Powered Giraffe. Both are fucking amazing. I've also been into shoes. It's just one of those times when I realize that I'm a girl and I'm allowed to have a fuckton of shoes. (And heels, ugh, I'm obsessed with platforms.)

In other news, Thanksgiving! I don't have much to say except that this is my first vegetarian thanksgiving and I'm happy. I've never really been a fan of turkey (or any meat, for that matter), so not being yelled at to eat some will be very nice this year.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, so I hope you all have a welcoming Thanksgiving with your family and/or friends! ~:heart:
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